Salt Marsh, Marine Park
Breakwater At Rockaway
Path To Dead Horse Bay
Distillation (Ft Tilden)
Cerulean Over The Sea (Ft Tilden)
East River Study, Domino Park
Scrub Oak, Ruined Bunker, Ft Tilden
Path To Dead Horse Bay
Remains At Ft Tilden
Cirrus Above Ft Tilden
Cove At Flye Point
View From Wawenock Lodge (Flye Point)
Ledges Basking (Flye Point)
Mt Desert Narrows With Kelp (Flye Point)
Aeolus Sighs Over Schoodic
Wave Action At Schoodic
Swirling Breezes (Flye Point)
View From Flye Point (hedges)
Torquing Trestle, Domino Park
Seaside (in studio)
Primrose Path (Dead Horse Bay)
Cerulean Troposphere #2 (Fire Island)
Beach Breakers, Ft Tilden
On Shore Breeze, Ft Tilden
Getting My Feet Wet, Ft Tilden
Cerulean Troposphere, Ft Tilden
Early Evening Fog Bank, Ft Tilden
Rising Tide At Ft Tilden
Syncopated Skyline
Rip Rap, New York Bay, and the Battery Going Uptown (from Bush Terminal Park)
Atmospheres at Ft Tilden (ship receding)
Horizontal Curvature, Ft Tilden
Surf at Ft Tilden
Beach Day
Wave Study
Long Island Sound From the North Fork
View From Beaver Dam Rd, Newtown CT.
Squall Above Halcott Mountain
Devils Tombstone #1
Devils Tombstone #2
Flye Point (abstract)
Flye Point #3
Flye Point #1
Flye Point #2
Flye Point #4
Schoodic Fog Bank
Schoodic West '13
Cranberry Point #1
Cranberry Point #2
Cranberry Point #3
Cranberry Point #4
Grey Day
Distant Ledges
Fog Variations #1
Fog Variations #2
Fog Variations #3
Fog Variations #4
Fog Variations #5
Pale Cobalt Surf
Schoodic '11 (west)
Schoodic '11 (east)
View Towards Ironbound '11
Low Tide, Schoodic (east)
Ledges at Schoodic '11
Mist at Schoodic
Schoodic Adrift
Cadillac In Haze
Rocks at Schoodic (east)
View of Little Moose
Schoodic View
Flye Point #1
Flye Point #5
Ledges at Deep Cove
View of Ironbound
Fog Study
Island Apparition
Flye Point #3
Pine Grove, Blue Hill
Tidal Pools at Flye Point
Flye Point #2
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